Saturday, 5 December 2009

Balloon Popping Via Remote

Here's a quick video of how I popped a ballon via a remote (you can also hear a delayed scream from Hannah from at the end of the video!!) I aim to write up an instructables for this so I will post it up once i've done it.

Balloon Cam Prototype 1

Here's what Balloon Cam 1 looked like. It took 6 9" balloons filled with helium to lift a web cam which was attached via cable to my laptop as it captured images. The next step is to let the balloons go higher (but not too high, I don't want to loose my camera!!)

Balloon Cam Prototype 1

Here's some images that were taken from my first balloon camera prototype. The images are not very hi resolution but this may be a unique aspect of the final product.

The Idea!!

Thought that it would be time to post what my final idea is to make sense of what my play posts are about.

So here it is, the initial idea for my final year project!!

The balloon rises up with a camera inside it. This is then popped, the camera falls to the ground caturing images as it does so.

The idea is to bring back a sense of fun in photography. With digital making photography easy and clean, everyday photography is being taken granted of and the fun and magic that it used to have is being lost. Capturing images that you're not in control of and at various angles, will also capture the manipulation of light as it falls to the ground. Potential uses for this type of product would be at festivals and funfairs.

So the next couple of months I will be playing with this idea and see where it takes me.