Sunday, 29 March 2009

Final D&AD Boards

These are images of the final boards that I sent off for the D&AD competition last week.
Rationale Board
User Interaction
Product Features

A walk in the park

I had a walk through Dudhope park today which is just along the road from where I live. It was a nice day in Dundee and a walk in the park felt necessary.
I was just strolling through and then thought how relaxing it was, just to hear the birds singing and then all the visual colours of nature were so inspiring.
If only I had my camera with me!!!
I did have my mobile with me which allowed me to take some pictures but not great ones. This then got me thinking about going along with my digital camera to take some pictures for inspiration. But I think I will take this up as a hobby in the summer (depending on my free time) and experimenting with different images. I'll start off at Dudhope park (there's great views of Dundee from there) and then try some other places around Scotland and then publish them all onto my Flickr account.
You can see some of my photos from last summer in St Andrews already on there.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The One With The Flickr Account

I've updated my Flickr page with uploading some more photos from the semester so far. These include pictures from the research (or Find) stage and also some of my prototyping (Play) stage. There's also some pictures of my last set of cultural probes. Feel free to have a wee look.

The One With The Loves And Hates

Last week in the IPD studios, we had to give a quick presentation to our lecturer. The presentation consisted of 3 images, two of product details that you love and the third of an image that you hate. Here are the images that I used

LOVE:This is an image of my last mobile phone. The detail that I like on the phone is the material that has been used. It has a rubbery feel to it which is nice to touch and hold. In general, it has a very nice aesthetic which is really nice to look at and is completely different to any other mobile I have seen. I just had to have it!

Love:This is my current DVD player and the detail which I love on this is the interaction with the skip button. Instead of having a button to fast-forward and rewind there is this dial. Basically, you turn the dial as far as you want depending on how far you want to go. It's alot more interesting than just pressing a button!!

Hate:This is a lamp from my flat. What I really despise about it is the positioning of the on/off switch. It's hidden under the shade and to turn it on or off you have to squeeze your hand up the lamp and fiddle around to try and find the switch. It's just such an awkward place to put a switch!

This got me thinking about all the smaller little details and interactions to consider on my printer project.

The One With The Rationale Board

Not made a post in a long time, thought it was time to maybe update my recent project. So after weeks of prototyping I now have a final concept, finally! Below is the image of my rationale board, which explains why I have created this product and the basics of how it works. Here is the rationale blurb:

"Being creative can be very restrictive when it comes to printing. With the convenience of large scale printing and the practicality of being portable, the HP PrintSmart allows creatives' to print any size, from as small as A6 up to a maximum of A0. While being highly lightweight and portable, this allows creatives' to let their creative mind run wild wherever they want, especially on the move. Allowing endless possibilities to express yourself, the HP PrintSmart will create a new printing experience for those who use it."