Saturday, 25 October 2008

final inspiration image!

this is the final inspirational image i chose for my hand in this week.

100 ideas!!!

so 100 ideas for next week. this shouldn't be too hard.
for our next stage in our design research module i need to come up with 100 ideas based on my insights that i got back from my probes.
when you think about it, it does seem like a lot but when you break it down into 10 ideas for 10 different insights then it seems just that little bit easier.
currently i'm sitting at the 40 ideas stage which is not bad, almost at the half way stage.

Friday, 17 October 2008

ants and worms!

my one and only completeted probe to date has been looked at but i have still to get the pictures developed. this has been my first attempt at a cultural probe so there were many mistakes and complications with it, which i have been informed of by the applicant.
the probe was given to an older lady who works at the tayside recycling centre. she is a true eco warrier by the sounds of her comments.
the main issue with my probe is that it was very time consuming which was obviously a huge problem since not all the tasks were completed. but on the other hand she provided some very useful information.
one of the main things that she said was that there is no waste in nature. having not thought about this before i thought this was very interesting. so i began to follow this up and ended up looking at ants. what i found out was that everything in an ants eco system is truely recycable.
this inspired me to go out and buy an antquarium so i can watch the ants for some inspiration. i also got a worm one aswell because their eco system is very familiar.
look out for posts on what they all get up to in the next couple of weeks!

paper guilt!

here i am setting up e-billing accounts for my internet and bank bills, trying to be a bit more eco friendly, saving paper and all that.
but, when i go to print out some lecture notes some girl made me feel really guilty. i'm printing on one side of the paper while she's printing on both. this made me feel really bad considering i'm focusing on sustainability.
but more to the point i dont know how to print on both sides! maybe i should have a look next time i need to print something.

cultural probes return!

so after sending out my probes, and giving the deadline of tuesday (14th) i have recieved 2 out of 4 back. and only one of these 2 have been done!

it's really quite dissapointing and disheartening after all the work i have put into making the packs and the money i have spent on them for people to say they haven't done them. why say you will be more than happy to do them and then don't bother!

i still have the other two to collect on monday so hopefully they will be completed by then.

but this is all part of the process. one of my lecturers did say they were allowing us to make more mistakes than the 4th years so i'm not too disappointed.

it's only my first attempt at them so i shouldn't worry too much.

Monday, 13 October 2008

what is the best moment of the day?

i was looking through some design websites when i came across one where the company had asked various different people 'what is the best moment of the day?'
this got me thinking about the best moment of my day. it various from day to day but i would say it has to be when i get home after a busy day and just sit down for ten minutes with a cup of tea and not have to worry about anything.

inspiration/motivation picture

for class tomorrow we have been asked to bring along a picture or object that motivates or inspires us. this took some time for me to come up with something but i finally got there. what i decided upon was waste and rubbish, yet again. i feel that things do need to change towards waste rather than just recycling. the picture also acts as a form of inspiration towards me because theres so many different materials that i just want to make something with them.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

one little part of my probe pack

as part of my research for uni i made a cultural probe, or stimuli as some people prefer. one task that i have asked people is 'how they would package their most precious object?'

so, if anyone else wants to have a go at that task then feel free and let me know. it'd be great to get a wide variety of responses.

my first post!!!!

A noted entry in Designboom's recent competition Dining in 2015, this eco-friendly takeaway or takeout food packaging is by Israeli designer Tal Marco. The idea is twofold: to keep your food naturally fresh by using a natural food-related item - the banana leaf whose waxy, durable and flexible traits make it perfect for wrapping; and to create a biodegradable package that doesn't contribute to our increasing piles of waste and garbage.
so i finally thought i would do my first ever post on my blog, only because i thought of something i could write about.

so, what i've currently been doing at uni since i've been back is design research. how exciting. what i have decided to research into is sustainable packaging and waste. i'm still not sure what road i'm gonna go down yet but i'm sure it will go somewhere.

i found this and thought it was amazing and just so different and made me think how packaging will look in the future.