Wednesday, 8 October 2008

one little part of my probe pack

as part of my research for uni i made a cultural probe, or stimuli as some people prefer. one task that i have asked people is 'how they would package their most precious object?'

so, if anyone else wants to have a go at that task then feel free and let me know. it'd be great to get a wide variety of responses.


Steph said...

I have a drawer in my room that I put all my special stuff into. It's my treasure drawer. Some items i hide. I have a cuddle toy that can store things in, so there are secial things in a special object, that's kinda like wrapping up or packaging. I also have a box that i keep little things in. I know a person that if something is valueable then they won't cut the lable off or take it out the packet. Aparently it's meant to be worth more!

Matty said...

it seems that you have a lot of precious items that you keep safe but what would you say is your most precious? and what i was more trying to get at with that question is how you would re-package the item as if it was to be sold in a shop.