Wednesday, 8 October 2008

my first post!!!!

A noted entry in Designboom's recent competition Dining in 2015, this eco-friendly takeaway or takeout food packaging is by Israeli designer Tal Marco. The idea is twofold: to keep your food naturally fresh by using a natural food-related item - the banana leaf whose waxy, durable and flexible traits make it perfect for wrapping; and to create a biodegradable package that doesn't contribute to our increasing piles of waste and garbage.
so i finally thought i would do my first ever post on my blog, only because i thought of something i could write about.

so, what i've currently been doing at uni since i've been back is design research. how exciting. what i have decided to research into is sustainable packaging and waste. i'm still not sure what road i'm gonna go down yet but i'm sure it will go somewhere.

i found this and thought it was amazing and just so different and made me think how packaging will look in the future.

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