Friday, 17 October 2008

cultural probes return!

so after sending out my probes, and giving the deadline of tuesday (14th) i have recieved 2 out of 4 back. and only one of these 2 have been done!

it's really quite dissapointing and disheartening after all the work i have put into making the packs and the money i have spent on them for people to say they haven't done them. why say you will be more than happy to do them and then don't bother!

i still have the other two to collect on monday so hopefully they will be completed by then.

but this is all part of the process. one of my lecturers did say they were allowing us to make more mistakes than the 4th years so i'm not too disappointed.

it's only my first attempt at them so i shouldn't worry too much.

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