Friday, 17 October 2008

ants and worms!

my one and only completeted probe to date has been looked at but i have still to get the pictures developed. this has been my first attempt at a cultural probe so there were many mistakes and complications with it, which i have been informed of by the applicant.
the probe was given to an older lady who works at the tayside recycling centre. she is a true eco warrier by the sounds of her comments.
the main issue with my probe is that it was very time consuming which was obviously a huge problem since not all the tasks were completed. but on the other hand she provided some very useful information.
one of the main things that she said was that there is no waste in nature. having not thought about this before i thought this was very interesting. so i began to follow this up and ended up looking at ants. what i found out was that everything in an ants eco system is truely recycable.
this inspired me to go out and buy an antquarium so i can watch the ants for some inspiration. i also got a worm one aswell because their eco system is very familiar.
look out for posts on what they all get up to in the next couple of weeks!

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