Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The One With The Rationale Board

Not made a post in a long time, thought it was time to maybe update my recent project. So after weeks of prototyping I now have a final concept, finally! Below is the image of my rationale board, which explains why I have created this product and the basics of how it works. Here is the rationale blurb:

"Being creative can be very restrictive when it comes to printing. With the convenience of large scale printing and the practicality of being portable, the HP PrintSmart allows creatives' to print any size, from as small as A6 up to a maximum of A0. While being highly lightweight and portable, this allows creatives' to let their creative mind run wild wherever they want, especially on the move. Allowing endless possibilities to express yourself, the HP PrintSmart will create a new printing experience for those who use it."

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