Sunday, 29 March 2009

A walk in the park

I had a walk through Dudhope park today which is just along the road from where I live. It was a nice day in Dundee and a walk in the park felt necessary.
I was just strolling through and then thought how relaxing it was, just to hear the birds singing and then all the visual colours of nature were so inspiring.
If only I had my camera with me!!!
I did have my mobile with me which allowed me to take some pictures but not great ones. This then got me thinking about going along with my digital camera to take some pictures for inspiration. But I think I will take this up as a hobby in the summer (depending on my free time) and experimenting with different images. I'll start off at Dudhope park (there's great views of Dundee from there) and then try some other places around Scotland and then publish them all onto my Flickr account.
You can see some of my photos from last summer in St Andrews already on there.

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Steph-annie said...


You fed them all the cookies that I made!

UH gutted!