Friday, 12 December 2008

its that time of year again.....and i dont mean christmas

so thats yet another semester over, where have all the years gone. but anyway, the time has come to make some more cultural probes for our next project, the D&AD international competition.
this time I have decided to take a step back from the probes i did the last time as they weren't very successful. so now i'm just focusing on one thing in my probe which is self explanatory and will allow the participant to have fun and be expressive, see the image above.
the disposable camera and all other cleverly designed tasks have been left behind. I personally dont feel that probes work for me as a research method. they have to be just right to work for everyone. whats the point in having all these clever tasks for people to do when they might not do what you intended they would and end up being returned uncompleted. so thats why i jujst focused on one thing whioch hopefully people will understand and enjoy doing.

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