Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Survelo Ring!!!!

so here it is, a prototype of what my Survelo Ring would look like!

This is my idea which i presented to NCR as part of a live project which is also run with Gray's School of Art (Aberdeen). The brief for this project was to design a selfish self service.
I managed to get down to the final sixteen of the competition where I presented my idea through a one minute presentation. These are the boards which I used to sell my concept.
This was my final presentation board which includes all the information about my concept and the theory behind it.
And this is my background board which shows the process I went through to get to my final idea and all the research throughout the project.

So after trying very hard to sell my idea, I made it no further in the competition. i don't think the judges were too keen on it as it was not as selfish as they had expected. I felt it was selfish to me but i think i failed to get this point across.
The winner of the competition was from Aberdeen. What I had noticed about the differences between the two uni's work was that IPD had challanged the brief a bit more and had more fun and playful ideas, whereas Gray's ideas were all safe and fitted into industry well.
This was a great experience to be part of and i'm glad of what i've done for it. I should really thank Jon for giving me the opportunity to present to NCR as i never thought that i was gonna get the chance!!!

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