Wednesday, 5 November 2008

idea babies!

yesterday was another fun and creative day in the IPD studios. we were making idea babies!!!!
as strange as this sounds it was a great way to get strange and new ideas but also a good way of getting to know the fourth years.
what we were doing was a bit of speed dating with the ideas. the main intention of this was to go around the 4th years and share your ideas with them in the space of 8minutes. within this time we came up with new ideas, or idea babies!!
this was useful for me because it helped me rationalize between my ideas for the afternoon session.
in the afternoon, we had to narrow our 100 ideas down to 20 and then cluster them into 4 different groups. this was quite tricky because there were so many ideas but i got there eventually.
for next week we now have to choose 1 idea from each cluster, i.e narrow down to four.
so, to sum up i've went from 130 ideas down to 20 and now down to 4 which will soon become 1. i can't wait!!!

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blair said...

yeah i do agree that it was really helpful to actually speak to the forth years and although it was kind of forced that's what was needed to give us all a push i think, and some of the ideas were not too shabby either