Thursday, 13 November 2008

down to 1 idea!!!

another successful day for me in the ipd studio this week.
after presenting 3 of my ideas to guest lecturers anab jain and bill gaver i have narrowed my 100 ideas down to one which will be used for my NCR project brief. it was quite daunting having to sell my ideas to these people because they've had so much experience within the design industry that i was expecting to be shot down.
gladly i wasn't!!!
2 of my ideas stood out to them but the managed to choose one which was more suited to the NCR brief. what i liked about anab jain was that she managed to put not only my ideas but everyone elses into context. now i'm looking forward to developing my idea to put into context and coming up with a narrative for it.
anab also took pictures of my sketches which must mean i'm doing something right and that filled me with so much motivation for the rest of the project.

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