Sunday, 16 November 2008

3D wall coverings!

a friend saw this posted on a website and thought of me, i think it had to do with my bubble wrap wall paper idea.

what these are, are 3D wall tiles designed by jaime salm which add texture to your wall. but because they are tiles you can create your own pattern/shapes and also paint them in any colour you want.
apparently you can attach them temporarily so that you can change them about when you get bored or attach them permanently.
another great thing about them is they are made from recycled waste paper and when your finished with them they can be recycled. how clever is that.

this is something i would have in my home, its fun, random, quirky and also sustainable.
i want it!!!!!

it got me thinking about my bubble wrap idea and how i've had to dismiss it for my current project. i'm thinking of just leaving it aside and developing it in my own time or revisiting the idea in a later project or in fourth year.
but rather than just thinking of it like that i think i would look into 3D wall coverings.

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Steph said...

brilliant idea for forth year. Don't just look at wall coverings. You should look at the objects that are strictly meant to be 2D and see how you can develop a 3D interation. i.e. a book became brail, iPods are always touch screen, keyboards are always flat. You could design for the blind.