Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The E-lamp

The E-lamp lets you express your thoughts and feelings with every flash. An acronym for emotions, the E-lamp can be used to preserve all your moods with the wonder and power of its illumination. With an inner assembly of aluminum elbows and outer body of polyurethane, the E-lamp is shock-proof and water resistant, offering great safety for its users. Suiting your mood, you can alter its intensity, color, temperature and angle of spread with the help of rings present at the end of the lamp.It also allows you to choose the desirable light, confirming the best reading light or warm light for cool places. You can choose between romantic, happy, despair and any emotion from the bunch of available E-presets. Based on LED technology, with a hi-tech structure and functions, this lamp offers immense flexibility and adaptability. The powerful suction caps at both the ends assist you in fixing it over concrete as well as brick wall. With its astounding battery backup of 20 hours, with just 2 hours of charging, the E-lamp is best for energy saving, without the need to change its bulb for 20 years. This highly portable lamp can be used as a desk lamp, camping lamp, car lamp emergency lamp and even for decoration. With this E-lamp you can light up your surroundings as well as your emotions.


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