Tuesday, 21 July 2009

'Mini Giant' - A Similar Printer Idea

Noooo. I recently came across this on the core 77 twitter feed but refused to believe that it was true but have come across it again. It's similar to my HP PrintSmart idea although not exacly the same. This one seems alot more simpler to carry about with you and print large scale. Although my idea still has room for development I still think there is a market for it.

Winning entry at the Zero Boundaries Zink Product Design Competition, in the “Futures” category, the “Mini Giant” by designer Paula Adina Sumalan is a robotic printer that lets you print a large format poster with a portable gadget that literally fits in your palm or a side pocket of your backpack. Employing “inkless printing” technology of Zink, the portable printer self-propels itself over a sheet of Zink paper of any size to take a print, without the need for ink cartridges or ribbons. The futuristic printer is gonna be a boon for the users always on the move.

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