Sunday, 6 September 2009

Mobile Rings

"The color rings by BCK design team, including Javier Bertani, Ezequiel Castro and Vera Kade" (Via The Design Blog) More at


Steph-annie said...

there was a guy at new designers who did this but it was a glove. Some ways I think they work just as well as each other. I see a few complication in each though. Mainly about the user. If it is for a female does it look feminine enough- big clunky heavy rings? If it is more a male- girly pink and bright orange? girly colours don't you think?

Matty said...

I think what you're saying is right. I mean, a mans wedding ring isnt feminine, its quite chunky and masculine and most of the time very simple.
Where as a womans ring is normally quite thin and often has some sort of stones or details added to it making it feminine.
Therefore I do think that they should be stylised according to the user. This would make them alot more personal.