Saturday, 12 September 2009

The End Of Design!!!

"These changes are part of a repetitive historical pattern. As described earlier, the evolution of a new stage in design does not entirely replace what has gone before, but, instead, is layered over the old. This had been a recurrent pattern throughout the history of design. It not only helps explain why there is such a diversity of concepts and practices about what constitutes design in contemporary society, but also raises a question about what extent to which similar changes will confront us in the future. Exactly what will transpire is uncertain, but the signs are unmistakable - new technologies, new markets, new forms of business organization are fundamentally altering our world, and, without doubt, new design ideas and practices will be required to meet new circumstances. The greatest degree of uncertainty, however, revolves around the question: whose interests will they serve?"

p34 Toothpicks And Logos: John Heskett

After attending 'The End Of Design', a lecture held on thursday night at uni, by Tom Inns and Mike Press, I felt that this quote sums up what some of the lecture was about.

We are not coming to the end of design, we are coming to the end of a design era and a new one is about to begin. From the book by Heskett, he refers to the history of design ass being layers and when we come to a new age of design it is just added to the previous layers of design. (for a better understanding you might be better reading the book.)

And the last question in this quote emphasises what Mike Press said about how the new design direction is 'social design,' which is where the major priority will be designing for the publics needs and not for company profits.


Steph-annie said...

"he refers to the history of design ass being layers" (Matty, 2009) ... ha ha ha

Matty said...

woops, my spelling is just as bad!

Steph-annie said...

that would of just been a shaky finger typo mistake.