Tuesday, 11 May 2010


"Matthews project is a new and exciting development on photography. I feel this method is unique and would create a range of individual and interesting photos which would never be the same twice. The way the camera is to be used in the air it created very different photos from what would normally be seen and I specifically liked the low quality photos that it had taken.

People want to see photos straight after they're taken and don't want to wait ages on them being developed. However, I feel this takes away the excitement and fun of getting photos developed and I love the way Matthew's camera incorporates this.

I would be extremly open to the idea of using this camera at any other family events and possibly consider the use of it at my wedding."
User tester, Penny Clark.

I have also recieved some feedback from people I have tried to contact to get some user testing with them but due to various reasons this fell through.

"I think it's a great idea, arial photography is pretty hard to do unless you own a helicoptor or a giant crane, and there's so many places that have not been shot from above. I'd still like to help you out if it's digital, I'm not that snobby. Cheers" Lomographer Jamie Mellor

I also posted my press release onto the photography forum that I have been using throughout the project. This can be found at: http://www.talkphotography.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=224085
What I found from this is that I targeted the totally wrong people. The regulars on this forum would consider themselves as professionals with all the expensive high end photography gear and these were not the people that I had been designing for. A lot of the comments were very negative where they didn't see the fun, amateur side of the concept and were not very open to the the low quality images.

Another place that I tried to find some feedback from lomo users was on Flickr. There is a LOMO discussion group where I made a post about my project to get some feedback from these creative analogue photographers. This wasn't as popular as I thought it would be but there were some comments. The post can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lomo/discuss/72157623846096525/#comment72157624042771000

"I SIMPLY LOVE IT! great to use it at open concert :)!!! " Lomographer Lasere_84

"Very cool! I would definitely be interested in something like this if the price is right.You should contact some of the big on-line kite companies. They're mostly into Kite Aerial Photography, but they're also interested in stuff like this for options for when it's not windy."
Lomographer Gabriel Velasco

I have also had some great feedback from blogs and websites that Aerial Capture is featured on. These comments vary where people will criticise the camera whereas others will want to know how to buy one.

Someone from the BBC has approached me about my technique and if it could be used to capture images for a documentary they are doing. Unfortunately because my camera is only a concept and not a fully finished product I don't think they will be able to use it. But still waiting to hear back and see what they say.

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