Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Press Release

Here is the full version of my press release. I have used this when promoting my work on websites such as Coroflot, Open-Output, Design Spotter and Behance network. It has made it's way from these websites onto various others such as Wired, Yanko and eventually Core77 without me having to approach them.

Matthew Clark
11D Dudhope Street
T: +44 (0) 7905856174
E: m.y.clark@dundee.ac.uk


For immediate release

Digital camera with built-in balloon.

Product designer Matthew Clark has designed a new camera concept that takes digital domestic photography to the next level.

Aerial Capture is a lightweight digital camera with a built-in 3 foot balloon allowing families of all ages to take great playful aerial photos from 20 metres high that are colourful with a stylistic contrast.

Research by Matthew gave him an insight into how continuous technological advancements in digital cameras are making everyday photography easy, where technically perfect images are produced. He feels this is slowly taking the fun and magic away from domestic photography.

This exciting camera is flash free and to be used in bright light shooting conditions at various special occasions like weddings, birthdays, festivals and special events where it’s bound to catch everyone’s attention.

The camera has an attachment to inflate the balloon with helium letting the camera take off into the sky. Kept tethered to the user with a hand held reel, a simple flick of a switch triggers the camera. Being fun, unique and simple, the lo-fi outcomes means that hundreds of striking photos can be taken and stored on the internal memory which can be easily accessed from the USB cable.

After first being exhibited at his University of Dundee degree show in May, Matthew Clark will be exhibiting this robust, vividly coloured aerial camera at New Designers in London later this year.


Notes to editor:

• Matthew Clark is a young hard working designer who will be graduating this year where he hopes to make the transition form academia to industry.

• He designs and makes stylish products that are playful, meaningful and finished to a high standard with easy to use interactions while also ensuring they have been designed with users in mind.

• Crossing the boundaries between design, engineering and other design disciplines, the product design course in Dundee allows students to design, make and showcase their creative products. With briefs set by leading industry companies such as NCR and Microsoft, the course ensures students are capable of working with companies both globally and locally.

Press Enquiries
Matthew Clark
E: m.y.clark@dundee.ac.uk
T: +44 (0) 7905856174

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