Friday, 19 June 2009

New Photos Added To Flickr!

I've added some new pictures onto my Flickr account.
I have a lot more to add but i've already used my monthly limit so i'll just have to wait till next month to upload them.
This picture was taken just for you Steph!


Steph-annie said...

Ha ha I saw the top of this picture and thought ooo exciting a chimney! then I read that it was dedicated to me! yay! :)

p.s. ever thought about become a landscape photographer?

Matty said...

have you also read my 'London' post? There's a mention of you in there too.

And no I have not. I've never thought of my pictures being anything special, they wouldn't stand out from a bunch of the same photos. But yes I would like to take it further but at the moment it looks like it's just going to be a hobby.

Steph-annie said...

and that's were it starts!