Friday, 19 June 2009


London is awesome!!!
I came back from the city last week and I can't wait to go back again sometime soon. The culture is completely different compared to here in Dundee and it's such an inspirational place to be in. It's always constantly busy everytime of the day and the architecture in some of the areas is awesome.
Although I didn't visit any of the galleries and museums, which I wish I did, I went into Selfridges and Harrods which are very inspirational retail environments. The high quality furniture in both stores is amazing and i can't wait until I make some high end commercial products.
I also visited the Muji store in Kensington and Habitat in regent Street.
I must say that I wasn't impressed with the Muji store and the products it was selling (sorry Steph) but it wasn't what I was expecting. Although the stuff was very nice it wasn't inspirational and didn't make me go wow!
On the other hand, Habitat was amazing. It had a nice open atmosphere with all the products displayed in a nice little setting to show the usuability of the items. The home department was nice and calming and encouraged customers to browse and try things. I really liked it there.
The picture above is of Regent Street taken just off of Leister Square.


Steph-annie said...

oh my gosh i wrote you a whole big comment did it not come up. I can't be bothered wrting it out again Argh!

Matty said...

Oh well, I think you should write it again. I want to know what you had to say!!

Hannah said...

the people in london were definitely inspirational!

Matty said...

the people were also inspirational that is a good point.