Friday, 7 August 2009

10 Photography Quotes You Should Know.

Take note of and remember the following photo quotes. It’s always worthwhile to learn from masters.
“The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated in quotations”. - Benjamin Disraeli

1. "You don’t take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams
2. "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." – Henri Cartier-Bresson
3. "Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph." – Matt Hardy
4. "Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times…I just shoot at what interests me at that moment." – Elliott Erwitt
5. "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham
6. "You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper." – William Albert Allard
7. "If I saw something in my viewfinder that looked familiar to me, I would do something to shake it up." – Garry Winogrand
8. "I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good." – Anonymous
9. "Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." – Ansel Adams
10. "It can be a trap of the photographer to think that his or her best pictures were the ones that were hardest to get." – Timothy Allen - On editing photos

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