Thursday, 27 August 2009

80's Japanese Honda Ads

"Honda's Global Small Car Platform, shared by the City, the Fit, the Airwave, and the Mobilo, moved the gas-tank from underneath the rear seats to underneath the front seats, allowing for more leg room in the back and a taller perspective in the front. While researching some of the Global Small Car Platform predecessors to the Fit, Thom Moran came across the ad for the City (see above) and subsequently assembled a small collection of early 80's Honda ads for the Japanese Market and sent them to us.
Aside from their sheer entertainment value (and strangely contemporary feel), we like these ads because they reveal what Western commercial culture from the 80s looked like from the outside, employing things like space jams, Madness (yes, the ska band), hot dogs and vague French-ness to depict their new cars in more "Western" contexts. " (Via Core77)

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