Thursday, 27 August 2009

Kor One Bottles

Kor One bottles have hidden meaning behind their coloured exterior.

"When a product you're buying comes in different colors, picking one is just a matter of taste; but with the new line of RKS-Designed Kor One bottles, released as part of the Thirst for Giving program, selecting a color will directly benefit a particular water-related charity.

With each KOR ONE color tied to a specific cause, KOR will donate 1% of all sales to this select group. The original Ocean Blue KOR ONE supports Ocean Protection through the Agalita Marine Research Foundation. Sunrise Orange is for the Container Recycling Institute, while Sawgrass Green sales support Watershed Protection through The Wetlands Initiative. Orchid Pink is for the Global Water Crisis, with purchases supporting Blue Planet Run, a non-profit dedicated to bringing the global community together to provide safe drinking water to the more than one billion people who suffer for lack of access to clean water.

All four lustrous colors are made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester and include the original KOR ONE's see-through design (eliminating worries of what might be hidden inside a metal bottle), innovative one-handed opening, a cap you can't lose, inspirational KOR Stone inside lid, and a "just right" spout big enough for ice cubes and easy on the lips." (Via Core77)

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