Saturday, 29 August 2009

Awesome Candle Holders

By Liam Hopkins of Lazerian (Via Dezeen)


Steph-annie said...


We have wooden vases too at home but are used to put dry flowers in. I think it's the candles that kinda help to make these images look good. There is a contrast between natural materials of the vase and the unatural bright colours of the candles. I think that the form of each product (i.e. vase and candle again) make the contrast blend together, both items are very sleek.

Matty said...

I don't want to say why I like them, thas not the intentions of my blog. Its more of a way of recording my inspiration and things that interest me. I know why I like them and don't feel the need to explain it to convince others why I like them.

But yes I agree, the colours of the candles create a nice contrast between the two materials. But when you see the candle wax drips on the holders they don't look as aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion).

Steph-annie said...

no but I still think you can develop your understanding and your opinions if you say why! All I'm saying is to make it sound like you have an opinion. It will also help you to remember them better and it will be easier to remember why you had blogged them ages ago otherwise it makes your blog look really random.

Again I disagree with you on the candles thing. I predict that the melted wax would look really nice. There are too many good associations with melted candles to say they look horrible... melted wax is romantic! also I think it's nice to appreciate naturally formed products. the melted wax would add form to the candle holders. one last thing- ugly can sometimes be beautiful! Sometime you just have to look harder!

Matty said...

ok well lets just leave it at that, we both have different opinions on blogs and we could have a huge debate.

And I wasn't saying that candle wax is ugly, i'm saying it doesn't look nice dripped over these holders (I forgot to put the image up, it's there now). What do you think?

And yes, dripped wax looks amazing on glass bottles.