Saturday, 6 March 2010

Headphone Jacks

Because I need am now using a switch attached be one long cable to the camera I now have 2 wires to make this connection. I also need to have a cable on either side of the camera to balance it out. To get around this problem I'm looking into using headphone sockets and jacks which will also keep the interaction for the user when they hook up the camera to the reel.

I took apart a standard 3.5mm jack and socket to test out this theory and it works. I just now need to test it with the switch and the socket built into the camera.

Another issue that might occur is how easily the jack will remove from the socket. If it can be removed too easily then this may be a problem. If the camera and balloon is afloat and the wire gets tugged on, will the jack remove from the socket?? If it does then the balloon and camera will take off, which is not a good thing. Will really need to test this out just to make sure.

^^headphone jack and socket taken apart

^^resoldered headphone and jack with the cable I expect to be using

^^the 2 components connected together

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