Saturday, 6 March 2010

Heat Shrink Tubing

Today I was working with heat shrink tubing and how this could be used in my project. I was looking to use this for the cable leading up to the camera. This cable needs to split in 2 (similar to headphones) and connect to either side of the camera lens. My idea was to use the heat shrink tubing to make this transition from one cable to 2 as neat as possible but I don't think it worked that well.

^^the heat shrink tubing in various sizes with a shrink ratio of 2:1

^^the cable being split in 2 and covered in the heat shrink tubing seen in the green

^^next a heat is applied to the tubing through the use of a heat gun. A glove had to be used so I could hold the cable steady

^^how this transition of cables could look. I plan to use a white cable for this as it will fit with the styling of the camera and is one of the most suitable colours of tubing to use where UV light is present
^^the tubing comes in a variety of colours. This shows what it could look like if I was to use a colour for the cable.
One thing that I discovered during this was that the heat shrink tubing made the electric wire more rigid and stiff to move. I may need to rethink the use of this material as I need the wire to be as flexible as possible.

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