Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Reel Ideas

These are a couple of blue foam visuals I made for the reel part of the product. I've been spending so much time getting the detailing of the camera perfect that the reel has been left to one side.
The first one was looking at a different way of using the reel and making it resemble a camera and the experience more. I liked the idea but the functionality wasn't great.

The other was resolved from the last form and took the curves and shapes from the camera. This one was too blocky and still didn't look right. I also looked into attaching a strap to the reel, an important interaction with a camera and I was trying recreate this. Will need to work out if this is essential although a nice orange leather strap would finish it off nicely.

So I will be working and resolving the form of the reel this week and get some renders done so I can hopefully begin making my final product!!

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