Thursday, 11 March 2010

Reel Form: Again

This week I made more blue foam models and this time it was for the redeisgned form of the reel so that I could see what it was like to hold, the dimensions and easy it would be to use.

Here is what I had initially thought the reel would look like.

I'm trying to style it in the same way that the camera has been so I have went for the white plastic with an orange leather feature and most importantly the conical shape. The main idea behind the reel was to incorporate the feature on the camera which holds the balloon in place. This then led onto making the handle cylindrical to allow a seamless transition into this feature. On the end of this would be the reel and this where the rotation would occur.

After making the model I realised I needed to make a couple of changes. First of all the proportions weren't right which made it look wrong. Then, the curve at the end of the handle was too much so this needs to be reduced down.

To reflect the feature on the camera, the conical shape ideally needed to be built seamlessly into the reel. Therefore, I decided to cut this feature off from the main handle and where these two connect is where the rotation would occure. This made the feature look more recognisable.

The button also needs to be repositioned higher up as the current situation made this difficult to hold. (the size of this button is still be decided upon.

I also tried out what the handle would look like with the leather feature going all the way round. This didn't look good and the other way fits with the styling of the camera so this part was fine.

Just need to make a render of all these changes again and then hopefully start making this part!!

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