Monday, 12 April 2010

Engineered Parts


Got all my parts back from engineering this week and it's very exciting to be able to see them as actual parts and not renders.

Although I needed to hand a couple back for adjustment, I almost have all my components which means I can start putting my final model together.

^^ the on/off switch handle

^^ the screw on headphone jacks

^^ disks which hold the LED's and leave a nice aesthetic rim.

^^ the rim for the shutter switch

^^ the shutter release button

^^ the on/off switch rim

^^ the reel handle

^^ the fillets on the reel handle and the siwtch cover were too small so I needed to make these bigger. To do this I just used a file to roughly fillet the new curve and then tidied this up with some rough sandpaper. Worked well enough.

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