Monday, 12 April 2010

The USB Compartment

I've made a couple of changes from the solidwork renders that I made showing the usb compartment. The main reasons for this is because it was so difficult to get a flat usb like the one I wanted to use. Finally managed to find one, just happened to be blue.

The main inspiration for this part of the camera was the Starck lacie portable hard drive because I liked how the cable was hidden away but was easily accessible.

The cable just needs to be sprayed white and it will be the way I want it. The way I have adapted my initial idea of doing this was due to the small space I had available and it was extremely fiddly. This way, it is still similar to the lacie but not just copied.

This is just a little image of the hole I had to make to get the cable through the camera to the hardware. Was a little bit tricky but finally got there.

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