Monday, 12 April 2010

More Lathing

I was using the lathe again to turn a couple more parts for my project. Due to this I thought I would show a couple of images of my progress.

^^ attaching the material to an mdf block which is then attached to the metal attachment for the lathe. This is then screwed firmly onto the lathe. When this is all set up and the machine and tool rest is adjusted to position, the part is ready to be turned.

^^ the part mid spin and using the tool rest to provide consistent pressure onto the part removing any unwanted material.

^^ my favourite tool that I like to use when turning. Works really well and is consistent at removing the material.

^^ after using the tool removing the material, using sandpaper lets you make the surface as smooth as required. For this to work, the lathe needs to rotate in the reversed direction (i.e. moving away from you)

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