Monday, 25 January 2010

Form 1

This is the first model I made from blue foam to start developing the form of my camera. Because I am targeting photography movement groups, such as lomography, I am taking inspiration from lomo cameras and products. This first model reflects this and also the size of this model, and others are based around the scale of lomo cameras.

The main body shape is styled around the Diana camera which has angular edges and geometric style, I thought this was a good starting point.

I made a slot on either side which was to hold the rope in place for attaching it to the balloon. The stabalising of this wasn't very good and the camera continuously spinned round which would produce a blurred image.

So I was thinking that it could be resolved with the way the knots were tied and the placement of the rope. I found a website called which had a large directory of knot tying methods and animations to go with these. I used the method of how to tie a swing which used the bowline knot. This firmly attached the camera to a rod which would be attached to the balloon.
Because of this I had to make 8 slots on the edges of the camera to hold the rope in place. In reality these slots would be built into the camera body.

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