Saturday, 30 January 2010

Form: Reel/Remote

I have also been working on the form of the reel for the camera. This has been a bit tricky because it has to contain the electronics for the remote. If it didn't require these then it would simply be styling a kite reel to suit the camera but it is a little more complicated.

I need to incorporate a mechanical switch which will trigger the button setting off the camera. The mechanical switch is a user feedback device which will let them know that the camera is working and doing something.

Since the styling and design of the camera is based on being retro but with a modern look, I have looked at using the interaction from the viewmaster. The simple click used in this camera was easy to use and made a nice click noise. I want to recreate this type of interaction with the remote.

The general form of the reel is based on the idea of using one piece of material, ideally metal, so that it is just bent in the right places. This would make one continuous shape and keep the form generally simple and have an easy to use button. Simplicity in this product is something that I am steering towards. I don't want an overly complicated device that looks difficult to use with so many buttons. Cameras today have so many functions and the majority of society don't even know what they are for.

I took small steps to get the reel form right so it started off very angular and eventually became curved, so that it's comfortable to hold.

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