Sunday, 31 January 2010


The past couple of days I have been playing with different types of lenses. I'm not sure if I will need any of them or if they were used but I felt it was neccessary to test these incase I do decide to use a special lens for my camera.

The best one that I might possibly use is the fish eye lens. I used the following instructable video to make my own: I really like the idea of using this on my camera but I need to test it out to see what sort of images it can take at the various heights it would be used at.
I also took the viewing lens from a disposable camera and attached this to my camera. This clears the image up a little more and brings the subject closer. I'm not sure if this is the right road to go down because the images should be reflecting the distance that the camera travels. If I was to use this lens then it would make things closer than they actually are.

Other types of lenses that I tried out are coloured ones. I done this using the cellaphane sweet wrappers and played around with these to see what sort of effects could be achieved. None of them were standing out to me and I would say they're not appropriate for this type of product. What I would like the images to have is a vintage photo effect to reflect the retro modern styling of the camera. I've yet to come across anything that can indicate how to do this but I've not given up yet.

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