Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lasercut Reel Ideas

I also took some time to think about the style and pattern on the reel. Also wanting to keep this simple I haven't overly complicated it. My favourite is this one. I have referenced it back to the viewmaster again, this time to the photo cards which it used. I liked how the squares aren't completely angular which helps it to fit onto the reel easily.

The only issue that I have come across with this is the structure. Because the holes were cut so close together and cut all the way through the durability of the reel is lowered. I'm thinking maybe just engraving the squares to create more of a decoration to the reel.

For the handle I have taken inspiration from my mood board of cameras and the idea of using a continuous piece of metal for the handle. Again, I want this to continue the simplicity of the overall product, and kept the rounded curves from the viewmaster styled reel.

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