Monday, 25 January 2010

Form 3

My third foam model was inspired by this camera that I came across. I really liked the curvature on the front but decided to keep this more angular on my model. The long lens also helps to give the camera orientation. Although this is not reflected in my model I aim to try and play around with this in my next models I will be making in the next week.

Another reason that I felt it was an appropriate shape for my product is because it gives the orientation of the camera pointing downwards. A big issue I am having with the form is the orientation. I'm so used to the way cameras are currently made, used and stand that I feel my models look incorrect odd. It's difficult to image how a camera show look like in the sky.

The handles on either side of the camera are stabalisers for the rope to be tied onto. After looking back on the idea of using rope to hold the balloon, this may not be the best idea. It makes it look untidy and amateur. I will be rethinking this is my next couple of models I will be making to resolve this issue.

Here's how it would look in proportion to the 3ft balloon

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