Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Week 15

These are some questions that I answered yesterday to try and clear the rationale behind my project. It's not crystal clear yet but it did help me to communicate my idea in an easier manner.

What are you designing?
A device that is capable of capturing aerial videos and images for aerial photography purposes via the attachment to balloons.

Why should it exist?
From user research I found that people are finding digital photography clean, clinical and easy. I propose that my product will bring more fun into photography which was seen in the days of the polaroid. Capturing photos from various angles and perspectives will bring fun to domestic photography through capturing unconventional videos and images.

How does it work?
A remote device triggers the shutter on the camera/video device which is attached to a balloon. This will be floating in the air and will be attached and controlled by the user on a reel.

Who will use it?
Microsoft research/families/amateur photographers and most importantly I aim to target the lomography community to create a new photography movement/hobby.

Who will test it?
Internationally I would like a member/s of the lomo community. Locally would be a local photography group. And it would be great if I could get a famous photographer to test it, like Martin Parr, Ansel Adams or Thomas Hawk. If I could get Tim Reagan from MSR to test it aswell would be a great!!

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