Sunday, 24 January 2010


The Project
My project started out by looking into domestic photography and how our everyday culture allows us to take photos whenever and wherever. This involved looking at how families store and take photos and the environment that these were viewed in. I looked at ways to alter, enhance or create a new way of doing this. My idea that I have taken forward still fits with this direction and is a new way to take photos. It explores perspectives of taking photos and the play of light on the digital sensor. This can be classed as extreme or aerial photography.

What is it?
A device capable of taking photos and videos for aerial photography snapshots. This is specifically designed for the attachment to a 3ft balloon giving the device enough lift allowing the view from above to be captured.

But why balloons?? Unlike a kite, they don't require wind conditions to provide the lift. Unlike an RC helicopter it doesn't require propellers or power to lift it. Helium balloons are widely available and can be used almost everywhere.

"Of course, the best thing of all is that any passerby who looks up at the moment your camera takes a picture is sure to be smiling at all those balloons." (photojojo)

Who is it for?
Because I want to create a new photography movement and artistic style of experimental photography, the people that are best associated with this is the lomography community. This group are open to experimenting with photography and are very creative when it comes to taking that unique photo. Because of this my form and styling of my product will be inspired by lomo cameras and the people that use them.

Why am I doing it?
Digital cameras are making photography 'cold,sterile and just not interesting' which is taking away the magic and fun that taking photos had, especially with the polaroid. There was an element of surprise but also disappointment at times by not knowing what the outcome would be. This has now been changed due to the technological advances in photography. This aerial photography device will create a new style of artistic and experimental photography.

How does it work?
-A 3(possibly 5) foot balloon is filled with helium
-Balloon is attached to a camera device
-Camera device is attached to a reel
-Balloon is sent into the air
-Photos/videos are taken via a remote which is built into the reel
-Data is stored on the camera
-Camera is controlled via the reel
-Reeled in to retrieve camera
-Plug into laptop to retrieve photos

Additional Info:
Videos are 30 frames per second and a resolution of 720x480. Photo quality is 1600*1200 pixels. Memory will be classed as internal as an SD card will be inside to store the data but cannot be removed by the user. Data is retrieved through connecting it via usb to a computer/laptop. Videos will be in AVI format while photos will be JPEG.

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Steph-annie said...

‘the play of light on the digital sensor’ what does this mean?

‘Helium balloons are widely available and can be used almost everywhere.’ Helium balloons are widely available but is helium widely available?

Who is it for? I thought it was going t be for kids. But this is very interesting. I think you will need to contact them to find out what their style is more than just doing a character card though.

Other than that it’s really good. You have had a strong idea since day one, and when you have been prototyping you know why you have been prototyping which is why your rationale is coming out so well.

Could you look at mine?