Sunday, 17 January 2010

Platform Prototype 2

The next platform idea that I had to encase the camera and attach it to the balloons was of a capsule type. Based on research that I had been doing on attaching cameras to balloons, I wanted to make a lightweight and compact structure.
All the essential components are placed within the capsule which is made from foamcore presentation board and acetate. Firstly, I wanted to leave the structure see through so that all the components could be seen, but after testing this it looked very rough and would give an unfinished look to the camera. So, I decided to black out the acetate and leave a small window where the lens is located so that photos can be taken.
I then made 4 connection points to attach the platform to the balloons. On my first try i made these 4 lengths of string all converge towards one point and then attached this to the balloon. This didn't work as well as I thought as the capsule kept spinning as it was held in the air.
Therefore, I attached the 4 pieces of string seperately to the balloon with masking tape to balance out the platform. This worked and left the platform to hang from the balloon in a sturdy manner.
I have still to test test this platform but I will post up the results when this is done

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