Saturday, 27 February 2010

20 metres of Cable

Reflecting on my project and the wireless aspect of it, it has occured that many problems could be solved if I don't use the wireless transmitter and reciever. Instead using wire which will come down from the camera to the button in the handle.

It will solve the issue of having two on/off switches, two sets of batteries, casing the batteries and circuit boards in both the camera and the handle. It will also mean I don't have to fit alot of electronics into the camera casing.

Instead, it was decided that a length of 20 metre wire would be sufficient for the product and this would be as high as the camera can reach. The reason for not allowing it to go any higher is because the detail in the pictures would disappear and people would be unrecognisable. For the situations and environment that the camera will be used in then this is appropriate.

Because the switch has a positive and a ground wire, two cables are required to come down from the camera to the handle. My initial thought is to use ribbon cable with two wires. Although, not sure if this is the right thing to use I prototyped it anyway.

^^how the cable would look on the reel

^^a push to make switch on the end of ribbon cable (used as a first quick prototype before my 2 wire ribbon cable arrived)

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