Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Today: Development of Camera

Today I have been developing the camera interaction and how this attaches to the balloon. This has been a big issue with the project and something I have found difficult to get my head around. Pete has been telling me throughout that I should see the camera and balloon as one but I always managed to dicard this information to the back of my head.

But finally I took his advice and have been prototyping a tubing method to make the process of inflating balloon and fixing to the camera so much simpler for the user. Here's a couple of images which will hopefully get this idea across.

The balloon is permanently attached inside the camera and connected to a piece of tubing. This tubing then comes out another end of the camera and can then be fixed to a helium canister for inflation. This was just a quick prototype, I need to work on the angles of the tube inside the camera .

This was another idea that I discarded a while ago because I personally thought that the process would be too fiddly. This isn't as big a problem as I thought so i made a quick prototype but will make another one including the new and improved form of the camera. It takes the idea of a balloon cup and incorporates this into the form of the camera.

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