Saturday, 6 February 2010

Camera Trigger

I made a post a couple of days ago about my idea of how to make a button that will trigger the camera to take a picture ( I tried this idea out and after several stressful hours later of small complicated work it wasn't as easy as I had imagined.

The spring technique that I had imagined wasn't working because of the angle that the button was coming in. This technique was similar to that of a click pen.Trying to attach the spring to the soft covering over the pressure button on the remote was so difficult that it would either ping off or the button wouldn't move. I then started to discard this idea and think about how to create the clicking noise/mechanism. The first thought that I had was to use a tactile button and place this strategically behind the button mechanism so the sound was heard when pressed but the tactikle switch wouldn't actually be hooked up to anything.
This did work but the clicking sound was very subtle and wasn't very clear. I was then rumaging round for some more tactile switches that had a luder click to try and use and this was when I came across safety switches. The click sound was just perfect and the angle of the button would fit nicely with the outercasing button.
The safety switch was then attached to the button and the remote and this was tested. It worked fine but was a bit temperamental with where the pressure was being placed on the button. It wasn't until I was preparing the final prototype model that this whole interaction finally came together.
Due to the pressure from the button not being applied in the correct place the button didn't always trigger the camera. When I took the safety switch out of the picture, and just left the button in place on an axle, that something decided to work.
With the switch out of the way, the button moved perfectly and hit the remote button just right and applied pressure in the correct places. Although there was no clicking interaction with this the satisfaction when the button was pressed is enough of a user feedback. This feedback would indicate that the camera just took a picture. Photos of how this looks and works still need posted.

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