Friday, 12 February 2010

Rationale Revisited

"Digital cameras are making photography 'cold, sterile and just not interesting.' Tom Hunter

This digital camera, designed to take aerial photographs while being attached to a 3 foot helium inflated balloon, allows families of all ages to take photos from a new and unusual perspective, producing interesting and creative results.

With continuous technological advances in digital cameras, the magic and fun element that domestic photography should have is slowly disappearing, which can be seen with cameras such as the Polaroid. There was an element of surprise but also disappointment at times by not knowing what the outcome would be, while a regular digital camera would likely produce many uninteresting results.

The use of helium balloons means that no specific wind conditions are required, like a kite, and can be used almost everywhere. “Of course, the best thing of all is that any passerby who looks up at the moment your camera takes a picture is sure to be smiling at all those balloons." (

As its flash free, it’s intended for daytime bright light shooting and unlike a regular digital camera or camera phone; the device does not have a viewfinder or display that can be used to frame photos. Using a hand held device, the camera is triggered by the flick of a switch allowing the user to control the time interval between photos.

Fitted with a 2GB internal flash memory, it takes pictures at a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels and stores them as jpeg files on the internal memory, allowing users to take hundreds of images. These low resolution images will create a new photography experience for a diverse range of users."

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