Friday, 12 February 2010

Camera Semantics

Trying to find the correct styling for my camera has been the trickiest thing that I've come across to date. I've made several mood boards, distinguished my styling area but still not managed to decide on a final form.

So, I did a little exercise where I got a wide range of cameras and then organised these into what I thought looked most like a camera and what didn't. I also find this quite difficult and I should of really done this with several people and my user group so I could get some feedback and comments.

But otherwise what I did find is that a camera can easily be identified by a lens. If something has a lens then people will automatically assume that it's a camera. This is a big feature in what a camera looks like and I will incorporate this into my design. This will not only allow users to identify and understand the product but also help give my design orientation!!

-Above:the far end of the scale (least camera like)

-Below: The area where I see the style, form and function of the camera fitting

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