Monday, 15 February 2010

Design Detailing

AFter the workshop today with Pete, I have managed to identify which parts of detailing that I need to work on.

Percieved Affordances
-finer detailing with the direction of buttons and how these should be used.
-orientation of the camera to indicate which way this should be used.

-materiality aspects and qualities to indicate an outdoor product and lightweight design.
-what colours should be used, where and why.

Character Traits
-colourful: indicates playfulness/fun/lightweight/and interesting to use product.

Intrinsic Motivators
-making interactions more fun and obvious to use.
-make the product look inviting for users to play and interact with.

-how to use the product as a whole.
-The set up process and how to dissassemble.

-user interaction of shutter feedback.

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