Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Detail and Context Workshop

Product Functionality: what is the primary funtion of your product? what other functions does it have? what else can it do? what is your rationale?

-to take photos
-to create fun
-a new experience
-light enough to float
-soft to grip
-memory to store photos

Percieved Affordances: are the designed properties of an object that suggest how it could be used.

-len, what it is
-reel, circular shape to reference motion
-direction of buttons
-grip, where to hold
-direction of reel,anti/clockwise

Identifiers: these suggest to users what something is and the category it belongs to. Identifiers often refer to Archetypes, but can help us to distinguish between subordinate categories.

Form: circular although pictures are rectangular, handles are not consistent//boxy, cuboid, circular lens.
Colour: black areas show interactions, need to indicate points of contacts (grip pads)
Material: leather indicating retro/vintage cameras, plastic=modern, metal=stability.
Environment of use: outdoors, leather could convey adventure
Style: retro modern

Character Traits: a combination of traits defines the character of a product. They are usually expressed by adjectives. Semantic dimensions can help us to describe the character of artefacts.


Intrinsic Motivators: these are features that are pleasurable to use and provide enjoyment, they are often playful. they invite users to attend to, observe, touch, listen to, play with them.

on/off button//reeling in and out (possible noise)//shutter button//balloon itself

Distinguishers: these are product features which have been designed to be distinct in order to clarify, or dictate, how to use a product.

Use of colour to indicate points of interaction//material and texture to show areas of contact and grip

Expressives: These are material qualities expressed by an object in order to clarify, or dictate, how to use a product.

Leather indicating grip//plastic showing lightweight//balloon is attention seeking and has a feel good vibe//weatherproof//robust//sturdy//clinical//playful//cheap:expensive??

Pointers: these are features that direct attention to something other than themselves (e.g. switches and controls) and could include icons, pictograms, symbols, etc.

lens(?), reel indicates to camera and balloon. switch in hand makes the user look at the camera

Metaphor: a metaphor is when one aspect of a product borrows a meaning that you would normally attribute to something else.

film reel to indicate motion and winding//reel styled to look like viewmaster card//button referenced to viewmaster click interaction//string references to kites//form related to retro and vintage camera style//low quality of image relates to lomo movement and creative photography.

Instructions: these are generally verbal features that describe, how to use a product.

how to set up the camera//how to inflate the balloon and attach to the camera//reel directions//button to take photos.

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