Monday, 15 February 2010


"Conceived by senior undergraduate students Andrew Thong, Anna Wu, Brian Quan and Nathan Waddington, from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU’s Surrey campus, the WeBlimp is a meter-long flying, crowd-controlled blimp. Inspired by the The Eye of Kilrogg, a free-flying entity in the popular on-line game World of Warcraft, the helium-filled aircraft reacts to public response. Supplied with a tiny camera, a gondola and three small propellers, it will show itself at the Surrey 2010 Celebration site in Holland Park during 2010 Winter Olympic Games from Feb. 17-21.

People observing the blimp on a screen that projects what the blimp’s camera sees could guide the blimp to move in a certain direction. Message sent to the blimp via a laptop wirelessly gives directions to the blimp. Therefore, the entire system bases itself on mutual instruction and social interaction.

Already accepted and recognized at the ACM Creativity & Cognition Conference at the University of California-Berkeley last October, the Zeppelin-like craft now readies itself to welcome visitors from around the world."

weBlimp! from BdotQ on Vimeo.

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