Thursday, 4 February 2010

More Form Models

Here's some more blue foam models of prototyping the form of the camera. I'm still finding it hard to settle on something.
The next model that I briefly attempted was that of a teardrop shape. I was suggested to try this and I gave it a go. I wasn't sure how it was going to work and never got round to making a scale model that would condiser the suituating of the camera lens and the components. I made a rough shape and decided this was not the route I was wanting to go down. I want the device to resemble a camera so that users can approach it and understand straight away what it is and the function.
The next one looked at creating a longer lens feature to create a more distinct image of orientation. It was taken from a camera that I liked the overall aesthetics of from my camera moodboard. It also gave the device an overall cylinder shape which was different from my other models which were very boxy and geometric. I didn't put too much detail into the model because I wasn't feeling it as much, it just didn't look right.

The general shape of this prototype was taken from an image on my retro moodboard which was an interior shelving unit. I liked the unusual shape about it and the two side panels reflected some of my earlier models. With the front I was trying to incorporate a part of the viewmaster into it but it wasn't quite working together. So I quickly gave up on this one and moved onto the next.

With this shape I went back to the drawing board and looked back at my previous models so see where I had been going with size, angles and general style. One element that I liked from my first prototype was the angular shapes. I didn't want to just recreate this so I developed it slightly and took some of the edges away. Also thinking about how this would look attached to the balloon, I didn't want it to be too small, so the size of this model is the same as the first which seemed the right scale.

I also liked the idea of having a block across the front/bottom of the device which would be a leather panel, either in the same colour as the camera body or a retro contrasting one. When looking at vinatge cameras and the first ever cameras they were all made of luxary materials until they were made commercially available worldwide. I liked this contrast of soft fabric and a processed hard one.

I've done quick variation sketches of this which will be in another post.

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